“Emotional responsiveness – tuning into and supporting the other, is the key defining element of love.”

Dr. Sue Johnson

Revitalize: How to Love Intelligently



Just back from the MindBodyGreen REVITALIZE summit in beautiful Tucson, Arizona – two days of amazing and inspirational talks on wellness.

Both days were packed with wellness experts. I spoke on How to Love Intelligently. It was a challenge to put thirty years of research on couples and the new science of bonding into 18 chatty minutes. I threw out the first two versions before I found my voice. I so wanted to reach and touch people. And I think it happened. I noticed some were laughing and weeping and clapping – that was pretty exhilarating.


photo 4


My message is that we can now, for the first time in human history, grasp, understand and shape love – we don’t just have to fall in and fall out anymore.


photo 2


It was blissful magic listening to Feist serenade us under the full ‘Honey’ moon with the backdrop of the Santa Catalina Mountains. I was very honored when she dedicated a desert song to me.
Talk about touched – that is a moment I will remember!


photo 3


It was wonderful that the amazing team at MindBodyGreen gave me the chance to do this; a collection of moments I will treasure.

We all strive for wellness: creating balance and creating connections. MindBodyGreen: a plethora of valuable info on becoming the best we can be – good for your health and your heart!

Grey Santa Catolina Mountains in early morning light
Behind the lacy mesh of the mesquite tree.
Call of dove, vibration of hummers wing,
Fall of water song.
No striving
Enough – Still

Red eye of gray dove,
Red veins of rabbit ears
Black and white of woodpeckers tail
Small red flower on cactus
Brown and white of quails flank and his black cockade.
A rabbit comes to sit at my feet
Enough – still – no striving
– June 2014 – Tucson

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