“Finally we have a streamlined version of Emotion Focused Couple Therapy (EFT), a leading empirically supported treatment for couples, written for lay people with a matter of fact discussion of the research literature and couple therapy.”

Family Psychologist Volume 25 No.1




Watching my son graduate with his BA in Economics last week was quite a rite of passage – for all of us!

A huge pride in my son – a feeling that maybe I didn’t do so badly as his mum – a gratitude for my warm and loving husband – and a little nostalgia watching a young one set out on his life adventure. But also I thought of all the times we struggled as a family – got discouraged – lost faith in each other – and yet we came back and reached for each other and shaped the safety that helped us all grow. And I thought of all my EFT colleagues who do not just couple but FAMILY therapy helping parents and kids forge strong bonds.

We ARE – in the 21st century – learning how to do this – how to love – how to parent – there is huge hope in that.


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This article was published on: 05/28/14 12:13 PM