“Emotional responsiveness – tuning into and supporting the other, is the key defining element of love.”

Dr. Sue Johnson

Christmas & Connection



Christmas is all about togetherness and family. But some of us find ourselves alone at Christmas. At times like this, it seems like everyone in the world BELONGS, except you.
One of the best Christmases I ever had was when I decided that the children in the homeless shelter probably felt more alone than me. I went down to help to make Christmas day special for them.
Reaching out made me feel like I belonged to the human family.

Another Christmas I remember I was in a city where everyone had moved on except me. I decided to turn to my greatest attachment figure: my Dad. I went to hear the Messiah – something that he and I did together as I was growing up. The music filled me and moved me into gratitude for that relationship. And though it was still hard to not be with friends, this stemmed the ache of aloneness for me.

We ask people during holidays:
“What can I get you”?
“What do you want”?
Isn’t the answer always the same?

We want connection, to know we matter to others.

Happy holidays to all of you,


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This article was published on: 12/23/14 11:24 AM